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Welcome to the American Woods Racing Championship Series
update - Friday, April 17, 2015

 This is a Yamaha,can am,Gbc tire contingency round of racing!! Couple points to go over before race time. 1 pit riding, there is to be none, for the safety of our racers and to protect land owners for insurance reasons. If you think you need a machine to get around on, you must go to registration and tell them and we will case by case decide if you can use it. You will sign wavier and receive sticker if approved 2 last race we had some pit crews/family members riding out on the track to find there racer, broke down, pics or ?? This will not be tolerated and racer will be disqualified. We have course marshals that will tend to any problem with racer. If and when we need you, we will come to you and at that time you may be able to help out. 3 CHEATERS We don't want you PERIOD. If you can't stay within the twenty feet of arrows, this isn't the race series for you. 343 will make you a sweet plaque delivered for $25. Much cheaper then race fee's. Racers, pit crews, spectators, if you see someone where they shouldn't be please get there number if possible and report them to AWRCS staff. On a case by case we will go over with the accused racers and we will deal with them. Last race we did penalize racers and thought we caught racers cutting only to find out they were pit crews looking for there racer or ?? We don't have time for this and you or your racer will be disqualified. 4 TRASH you make it you take it PERIOD. We have trash bags at registration if needed. Anyone caught leaving trash,tires,dirty diapers,etc will not be welcomed back. 5 Fires are a round by round if permitted. No nails/screws in wood and you are responsible for putting out fires and taking wood,rocks,fire rings with you. We don't want to damage our cutters or land owners cutters. 6 If you start on a machine you must finish and race same machine whole race. Ok enough! Weather looking great for weekend of racing no rain! We took out the big creeks And should have the paving to track done by Saturday. Lets go racing! Ten seconds!!

traffic reroute pittsburgh - Wednesday, April 15, 2015

 ATTN ALL DRIVERS COMING THROUGH FORT PITT TUNNELS THROUGH PITTSBURGH. TUNNELS AND PARKWAY TO ROUTE 79 WILL BE SHUT DOWN FRIDAY NIGHT AT 10PM UNTIL MONDAY MORNING take ohio river blvd route 65 to 79 south then pick up parkway to 22/30 or turnpike to beaver to route 18 to route 7  please spread the word!!

wellsville update - Thursday, April 09, 2015


TRACK ADDRESS 43911 hibbits mill rd wellsville ohio

 Rd2 brings us back to one of AWRCS original race tracks! we have secured a additional 265 acres of fresh property! we are taking out the creeks, but the hill climb is still in for spectators. there is a easy way around if your don't want to hit it. We have local vfd serving food all weekend. So pack your bags and come join us for a fun full weekend of racing. also have discounted rooms at comfort inn for $82. a night mention AWRCS for the discount 330 386 3800 weather looking good mid sixties!! TEN SECONDS!!

Round 1 march 28th/29th - Saturday, March 21, 2015

 Who's all getting excited for next week 10 seconds!! Track is tacky today surprising us all who have been cutting out sections. There will be mud, but no water or creeks to speak of. But surprising tacky for the most part. no snow at all. I know a lot of racers haven't had much seat time and we will try to take it a little easy on you to ease into this year of racing. We have over 100 new pre registered racers this year!! Looks to be a lot of competition coming for 2015 season. Our family of racers have been hit with some tragedies lately and our 10 second Dave and family need some prayers sent there way. So with that said, please do a prayer for all our family's that are going through some tuff times. 10 seconds to be called out one week out and counting down!!

AWRCS UPDATE - Monday, February 23, 2015


vintage racing - Wednesday, August 06, 2014

 VINTAGE CLASS this sunday!! and last round Rock run last row race a hour 2 laps!!!!! next year they will race at 4pm on youth track for a hour.

We are (working on) forming a new class.....AWRCS VINTAGE CLASS

Bikes must have:
1.Drum brakes front and rear. thinking front disc ok on early 80's model....
2.Twin rear shocks., ....Vintage Yamaha MONO-SHOCK will be fine.
3.Bikes to be Mfg. from 1960 to 1985 and have stock or vintage style modifications of the time.
4.No engine size limit, all bikes will run in one class at this time.
5.Event will be a (1) one hour plus timed woods race.
6.This will be a trophy class only,no cash payout.
7.AWRCS gate and rider fee's will apply.
8.Vintage class will start on the last row.
9.All bikes must have a kill switch.
10.We are looking at 5 events per AWRCS season and next year will race at 4pm on youth track for a hour.

BACK TO SCHOOL RD7 Clintonville Pa. - Tuesday, August 05, 2014

 We have 6 computers to give away to a lucky mini,youth,adult that's in school or college. We also got for adults 120+ acres of fresh virgin ground we cut in for some of the best track this year. Weather is looking great!. Clintonville has always been one of the series favorite tracks and I'm sure this year will be no different with all of the new track. With the new land we took out a lot of the mud holes/sections. tracks are mini 1 mile, youth 4.5, adult 11 atv bike 12-13 miles. GPS address is 3519 HWY 308 Harrisville pa 16038 look for AWRCS signs!

RD6 powerline park, St Clairsville Ohio - Wednesday, July 16, 2014

 round 6 going off this weekend, utv racing also with a track layout all to themselves. mini 1 mile, youth 4.5 mile adult 9-10 mile. A ton of track changes this year from previous years there. 10 seconds!!

Rd5 Boyers, Fantasy whitetails in the books! - Monday, July 07, 2014

 What a great weekend of racing! It was good to see all the family's coming out for a long weekend over the fourth to spend with there extended family of AWRCS. Thanks for all the positive comments on the tracks this weekend. Makes the crew of AWRCS that much prouder to be part of the series. Without them there would be no AWRCS! Perfect weather and track conditions made for some of the best racing this year in all classes. Take a look at mototally results and you will see a lot of bar to bar racing throughout the field of racers. Super Dave (the orginal10 second man) made a appearance and started them off. Was good to see him and Sue. Power line up next rd6 two weeks

rd5 boyers fantasy whitetails - Friday, July 04, 2014

 weather and track are looking great for a 10 second weekend!! mid 70's no rain. Friday night fireworks at Harrisville 9:30 roughly 6 miles from track. They have a full festival all day also going on. Campfires ok at track but please clean up and no nails/screws in wood and please pick up rocks/rings so we don't hit them mowing. No fireworks except sparkler stuff, because of the deer, no flying stuff as its dry and don't want to burn anything or hit anyone. So come on out early and enjoy a long weekend with us. Rocco will take tour of deer I'm sure also. Just ask him! Super Dave, original 10 second man will be on hand also. Stop buy him at his motor coach and say hi. Also don't forget utv round this weekend 4pm Saturday. 

RD v5 BOYERS FANTASY WHITETAIL - Tuesday, July 01, 2014

 tracks have some new sections/property added! mini track 1.2 miles, youth atv 4.3 miles, youth bike will be a little longer, adults still tweaking 10ish and utv 4ish miles. boyers gps 472 Cemetery Rd, Boyers, PA 16020. Also everyone is welcome to come earlier Friday and go with us to Harrisville community days, only 5-6 miles away and they have fireworks 930 pm. no fireworks permitted at the deer farm property! have new fantasy deer shirts made also. 10 seconds!!

Banquet 2013 - Sunday, February 23, 2014


What a great banquet! Think this somes up the fun night at the banquet. The other racers didn't know what he was up to. Priceless!

Switchback/scrubgrass ohv park - Saturday, February 08, 2014

 AWRCS is having a ride at switchback indoor track Feb 15th Sat. 6-10pm only $20. per rider and will serve some food as well. Sun feb 16th we are having a open ride $20. per driver $5. per passenger gates open 10am. 

Banquet invites must vbe sent in by feb 10th - Thursday, February 06, 2014

 OK GUYS N GIRLS COMING UP ON FEB. 10TH, ALL BANQUET FORMS MUST BE IN. WE HAVE TO ORDER FOOD MONDAY!!!  You can download form on awrcs site on facebook. Again, all is welcome to come to banquet and you will get a ticket for every round of racing for great prizes. We will have 50/50. raffles also. if you need a form or questions call me  412 607-0960

Pat McGuire (LP) #591 - Saturday, February 01, 2014

 Arrangements for LP McGuire have been made at Fox Funeral Home,Inc. 410 West Main Street. Saxonburg,PA 16056. Sunday February 2nd,2014 2-4 PM and 6-7:30PM. Memorial Service scheduled to start at 7:30PM on Sunday.    link to memorial fund 

  • The monies collected will go to Pat McGuire (LP) #591 memorial fund to help out racers, holeshot awards,etc for the xc racing community
Rest in peace our friend/buddy - Friday, January 31, 2014

 God speed to Pat McGuire LP #591, You will be missed by all that ever came in contact with you. The family will be updating everyone today as arrangements are made. I ask that you pray for the family and everyone that LP has known in this time as healing begins.

please go to forums and reply!! - Thursday, January 30, 2014

 Please go to forums and reply, looking to do articles in Rec. rider magizine.

new photo deadline!!! - Tuesday, January 28, 2014

  I know a lot of you got them in, but I've been getting calls from 20 or so awardee's. We also love our mini's and its about the kids, so if they raced once and want to attend they can print off banquet form and submit photo. I moved the date until Jan 31st at 5pm, No exceptions period! this is a ton of work for all involved. Seems off road world always waits to last minute. Self included! Want to thank in advance 343,Pitzer,Rounce Renee,Amy for helping us pull this off again.


registraion now open - Friday, January 17, 2014

 1 week left to submit your photo choices for your 2013 year end awards! Please remember it must be a Kim Pitzer photo or a Jim Rounce photo, or else it must be a personal high resolution photo or a photo you have permission to use. Please email the photo choices to Please remember the deadline is January 23. Anyone is invited to banquet even if you don't receive award. You will get 1 ticket per round of racing you did for 2013 for great prizes only offered to the racers. There will be some 50/50, raffles open to all also. To down load banquet form please go to awrcs facebook as we are having issue to put form on here.   


happy holidays!! - Saturday, December 21, 2013

 Weve ben busy planning 2014 season and have some great news as Yamaha is back paying contingency! We are also updating with mototally and results should be live this year as race goes on. What this means to pit crews as they can look where there racer is from there smart phones to tell there racers where ever they are out on the track! We will be keeping are credit card transponders for the 2014 season so no need to exchange as they are working good and moto tally still uses them also himself. We will be filling in schedule as we are checking out a few new venues spots also. We are looking to expand help this year and have added a few and still need a few more for our growing numbers and to keep everyone safe out there. We want to wish everyone a merry christmas and happy new year from all of us here at AWRCS.

franks 2nd annual toy run (anything with wheels) - Wednesday, December 04, 2013

 Frank is having his 2nd annual anything with wheels toy run at scrubgrass ohv park. $20 per person or new toy worth $20. DEC 15th gates open 10am  food will be served also.

Jason Thomas riding school nov 9th - Wednesday, October 23, 2013

 Nov. 9th day before toy run we are having a Jason Thomas riding school for mini and youth riders. AWRCS has bought down the fee to $100. for the day and including lunch. This is rain or shine and will be at 244 lasher rd kittanning Pa. at my property. We also have a small xc track set up 2.5 miles they can ride afterwards and parents can ride with them. please call me for more details and get onto list. 412 607-0960 thanks steve

where did the season go!! - Tuesday, October 22, 2013

 Where did the race season go?? It just seems like yesterday we kicked off Rd1 with TEN SECONDS!! AWRCS grew again in 2013 and we here a lot of new racers coming to join us for 2014 season. We had a lot of action this year starting in the mini class with a young man winning  atv and getting second in mini bike overall's. iron man goes to Logan Carlisle With Logan McClafferty beating him by 3 points for the overall in mini bike. Going on to youth a ton of battles going on through out the year with atv racer Shane Pitzer taking overall with missing a perfect season by 1 point. He decided to move to adult 91cc+ for last race and turned a lot of heads with running  1st in class on third lap and in top 20 until pit crew ran him out of gas. Big brother watch out!! Conner Karkowsky missing perfect season also in youth bike by 1 point and decided to go to adult race also last race and came through with front flat on first lap to end his day. Moving onto the adults class with atv racer Pat McGuire coming out on top for the year and winning overall with Cody McClung and Clint Graff rounding out top three overall's. Bikes going in to last round Mike McGinnis was already in position to take 1st overall with Brett Zofchak and Nick Haftl rounding out top three. Moving onto the UTV class Team Hendershot taking 1st overall with team Plavi racing and rounding out top three was Team Mitchell racing. Seems we are to be growing utv class also next year buzz has it around pits. AWRCS crew has already been working on banquet and schedule for 2014. Ten rounds again and will post shortly. We would like to thank all the racers/spectators/volunteers/workers for another great year of racing and keep the suggestions coming to improve the series!! We would like to have some meetings on classes and rules we need to taper to fit within our series TBA.  My 19/20th annual (can't remember) Toy Run will be on Sun. Nov. 10th at Scrub grass ohv park in Templeton Pa. New toy worth $20. or $20 donation. Will have food all day, donation accepted. Monies and toys stay local to Allegheny,Armstrong,Butler,Clarion countys. So come on out and enjoy a day of riding with you friends and familys for a great cause. Will have big bonfire also. 

Jims photos from rd9 parker Pa. - Tuesday, October 08, 2013

 jims photos from rd9 parker pa up!!

Breast cancer awareness Rd9 Parker Pa - Tuesday, September 24, 2013

 Noon each day we will set off balloons for breast cancer awareness! All monies will stay local as clarion hospital is buying/building new mammogram facility. We have expanded pit parking with our growing numbers, so plenty of rv parking pitting available. All will start on starting line and go through scoring as we moved the mini track to other end of property. You can watch whole track down through backside valley for mini's! We are changing up tracks for youth and adult and will be using some new property as well.  


 We had a good turnout at Powerline. So we decided to give back a little more this year on our back to school round. We picked up 6 new computer packages to give away. One each day of pee wee,youth and adult (must be in school or college) Sorry old folks!! For this round only the kenda tires will go to the adults out of school. Don't want the oldies to feel left out and most of them couldn't turn on a lap top anyway.   



2015 Schedule


Factory contingency for 2012 season!


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