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Behind The Bars With Collin Michael

Collin Michael is undefeated so far this season in the Pee Wee Quad division with 2 Overall wins.

How's it going since the race?

I am feeling good about my progress this season. I had arm pump pretty bad during the race and was sore afterwards. I can’t wait for race at Seven Springs and am counting down the days.

Looks like you had a good battle this last weekend with Jase Griffie. Tell us a little bit about how it went and how you pulled off the win.

Jase got the holeshot. I passed him on the 2nd turn from the inside and held onto 1st until we caught up to the traffic. Jase took a good line and passed me. Jase went a good distance, then I found a line and passed him. My adrenaline kicked in after that and I didn’t lay off. I jumped the part that was marked danger (my dad told me not to jump) and didn’t look back.

So this is your third year in the 90 Mod class. Is there anything you're doing differently to get those wins this year?

In the past years my number 1 focus was motocross. I won the CRA MX 90cc championship in 2020 and 2021, won the CRA MX 70cc championship in 2021, and won the CRA MX mini quad overall championship in 2021.

I used to race my DRR at motocross every weekend and at AWRCS. This year I have a JB mod I race every weekend at motocross and use my DRR only for AWRCS.

Winning AWRCS this season is my ultimate goal. I never used to practice for AWRCS, now I do. I work out more, I practice and am figuring out different/ smarter lines to pass the traffic (50s). My dad and I walk the track together before each race to find good lines too. This year I really want it.

AWRCS has been to Redbank quite a bit the past couple years. Do you enjoy racing there or is it one that you struggle with?

Redbank has been one of the tracks I do better with. I like racing there. It is wide open and you can see out far. There are a lot of passing opportunities.

What was your favorite part of the track?

I love to speed through the wide open parts in the woods and I liked the danger part that I jumped.

What was the most difficult part of this race for you?

The cross ruts! I was going real fast, there was a kicker and I almost lost it because I was in the zone and forgot to slow down.

Is there anything you plan on doing differently for the next race?

I am working out more/ stretching out my arms to help with the arm pump next race. I am also swapping out my engine. I have raced the last two races on my 2Fast 70 engine and am dropping in my 2Fast 90, “Chippy.” I call my 2Fast 90 “Chippy” because it runs crisp .

Who would you like to thank for helping you out at the races?

My dad because he works on my quad and helps my learn from my mistakes, and all of my sponsors: Michael Racing, DRR, Team DRR USA, GForce, Team Dawgpound, DBY Powersports, Delp Family Powder Coating, Fasst Company, Loucks Synthetics, Amsoil, Engine Ice, ASV Inventions, FirstBike, Elka, Leatt, Fly, Fourwerx, and Precision Racing

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