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Behind The Bars With Sawyer Carratura

Carratura came 3rd place in Pro-Am and 12th Overall at round 1 on Supermini machine in the adult race.

How's it going since round 1?

Carratura: It’s going pretty good. I was a little sore after Sunday since it was the longest I have ever raced while riding as hard as I could but overall I feel great.

Looks like you had an awesome ride this past weekend. Tell us a little bit about how it went.

Carratura: At the start I got a really good jump off the line and was second into the woods, but right before the track crossing someone hit my back tire and I crashed into a tree. I couldn’t get back to my bike, someone even ran it over. Once I got back on all I could think was "Man it’s going to be one of those days", so I had to push hard from the start to get back up in the pack.

What kind of work did you do during the off season to prepare for 2022?

Carratura: I did a lot of physical and mental training on and off the bike. My trainer, Josh Lojak, created a fitness regimen for me to follow during the off-season that had me put forth a ton of effort and it was definitely worth it.

How different is it racing in the adult class VS the youth class? Did you learn anything new?

Carratura: It is different because of the longer lap times, rougher track, and more people, but once I’m on the bike I feel comfortable. I learned how to look for even faster lines and when a fast guy made a pass, I would try my best to latch onto them and match their pace.

AWRCS hasn't been to Coal Hollow in a while. How did you like racing there?

Carratura: I really enjoyed it. I don’t remember it being as rocky and challenging in years past when we have raced there, but it was a super fun track. I love muddy races. My first ever race was at Coal Hollow in 2016 on my kx65 so being there brought back some good memories.

What was your favorite part of the track?

Carratura: The hill climb was a blast even though I only got to hit it twice since a lot of people and bikes were scattered all over the hill. By mile marker 6 there was also a really fun wide-open section of track that was fast and flowy.

What was the most difficult part of this race?

Carratura: There was a straight away in the woods that was one huge rut. It was difficult to keep my supermini upright with its little wheels while my pegs were digging into the dirt but I enjoyed almost every other section of track.

Is there anything you plan on doing differently for the next race?

Carratura: Maintaining a faster pace since I now know what to expect and to pick smoother less bumpy lines.

Who would you like to say thanks to?

Carratura: My mom, my dad, my sister, Josh Lojak and his training facility, Josh Lojak’s House of Speed, Podium Works, Tucker Powersports, Troy Lee Designs, 100%, Cycle Gear, BluCru, Kibuk Cycle and everyone else who helps out and supports me, I couldn’t do it without you guys. Thank you!

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