Competition Bulletin #1

As per the rules, "We don't make any racer in A class move up to PRO CLASS the following year. We do think the top 2 racers in previous years classes Woodsman, C, and B need to move up a class from where they raced the previous season". The following riders are asked to move for 2022:

Adult Bikes:


Brenden Beedle to A

Gary Stoffer to A


Ryan Alston to A

Hayden Surrena to A

Vet B

Brad Hazlett to A

Thomas Blythe to A

Senior B

Matt Penn to A

Matt Stotler to A


Andy Shirey to B

Nathan Jesensky to B


Brylee Shumaker to B

Taylor Davis to B

Vet C

Chad Reese to B

Daniel Fox to B

Senior C

Gerald Stone to B

Dan Sullivan to B


Ryan Kanczes to C

Matt Abbott to C

Adult Quads:

Travis Mathias to QXC1

Garrett Lippert to QXC1

Shane Spinneweber to QXC2

Joey Welsh to QXC2

Jay Bowser to QXC3

Steve Bowser to QXC3