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Competition Bulletin 2024

As per the RULES
 "We don't make any racer in A class move up to PRO CLASS the following year. We do think the top two racers in previous years classes, Woodsman, C, and B, need to move up a class from where they raced the previous season".

The following riders are asked to move for 2024:

Adult Bikes:



Cody Pivirotto to A

Joshua Miller to A


Matthew Alston to A

Ian Tarr to A

Vet B

Corey Horner to A

Brandon Hockman to A

Senior B

Brandon Clayton to A

Travis Brown to A


Landon Bauer to B

Garrett Kuhn to B


Travis Weisner to B

Isaac Lightner to B

Vet C

Deric Huber to B

Richard Moore to B

Senior C

Mark Walker to B

Chad Smith to B


Logan Young to C

Trenten Meyer to C

Adult Quads:


Jeffery Ginn to QXC1

Justin Cox to QXC1


Brandon Cornelius to QXC2

Tyler Hinderliter to QXC2


Travis Bell to QXC3

Noah Bloom to QXC3

The top riders in Supermini B, 300 B, and Mini B are strongly encouraged to move up!

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