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Competition Bulletin 2023

As per the RULES
 "We don't make any racer in A class move up to PRO CLASS the following year. We do think the top two racers in previous years classes, Woodsman, C, and B, need to move up a class from where they raced the previous season".

The following riders are asked to move for 2023:

Adult Bikes:



Gavin Honaker to A

Domanic Beers to A


Anton Ferruchie to A

Mack Wiest to A

Vet B

Josh Smeltzer to A

Martin White to A

Senior B

Cory Nesbitt to A

Dennis Davis to A


Alexander Suman to B

Leroy Cameron to B


Matthew Alston to B

Jeffrey Grimm to B

Vet C

Corey Horner to B

Kevin Frisko to B

Senior C

Chad Rockhold to B

Doug Hilliard to B


Rick Marinchek to C

Josh Erickson to C

Adult Quads:


Jacob Adams to QXC1

Nathan Cox to QXC1


Joshua Himme to QXC2

Tristan Howell to QXC2


Reagan Neiswonger to QXC3

Shawn Breindel to QXC3

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