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AWRCS Riders Meeting


The Start:

 When you arrived at the starting line, you should have lined up on your class row. There are signs at either end of each row designating the class. You must line up on the right row, and you must line up on the line – not past it.


 Due to the length of the start shoot, it is necessary to line-up some classes on the same row. This is called a ‘Split Row’. Classes lined up on a Split Row will have a separate start for each class. DO NOT take off with the wrong class, or you will be penalized.


 At registration you were given a class sticker to place on the back of your helmet. Each class has its own sticker color. Once you line-up with your class, note the color of your class sticker. Those are the guys racing in your class. Those are the guys you want to 



When the red or yellow flags are waved, all engines must shut down. This also signals 30 seconds before the start of the race. The referee will yell “Ten Seconds!”. At this time there will be 8-10 seconds before the green flag is thrown and the race starts. Do not start your engine before the green flag is thrown. This procedure will be followed for each row. Rows will start 1 minute apart, unless it is a split row.


ATVs: At this time, please make sure your tether cord is properly attached to you and your machine. Tether cords must be hooked-up.


Transponder Scoring is the official scoring system of AWRCS. When you arrive at the Scoring Zone at the Finish Line, you must STOP. The Official will tell you when to go. The Official may wipe your helmet first if it is muddy. Wait until She releases you to go.


 When you approach the Finish Line you will notice a Scoring Monitor in the Scoring Zone. The monitor will give you your position – your number – and your total time behind the rider in the next highest position in your class. If you do not agree with the position on the monitor, keep racing. Mistakes happen, and we catch most of them before the end of the race. The finish of the race is at the Finish Line – not at the Scoring Zone. Do not race into the Scoring Zone. The area between the Finish Line and the Scoring Zone is a NO PASSING Zone.

The Track:

 Once your row has started, you will follow the arrows into the woods. The course is marked with arrows, ribbon and tape. The marked course is within 20 feet of the race arrows. The exception to the 20- foot rule is fencing, signs, staked areas, hay bales, motocross or grass track sections. You must stay within the confines of these markings. You may not cut to the inside of a white pole corner marker.


“X” signals Danger – please use caution in these areas, as they are difficult sections of the track.


 “Wrong Way” means exactly that – turn around and return to the track where you left it. You must stay on the marked course. If you encounter a bottleneck, you may go more than 20 feet off the course in order to get around the bottleneck only. However, you must re-enter the course as soon as possible, and upon approaching this section the next lap, you must take the original marked course if the track is clear.


 If you leave the course for any reason, you must re-enter where you left. If you cut, we will not stop you. We will simply take down your number and penalize you. It is no excuse that you were following another rider - you are responsible to follow the racecourse.


 If you encounter a lapped rider, give him notice you are behind him. Have patience and give the rider time to safely get out of the way. If you are a lapped rider, be courteous and move over when safe to do so. If you hear a rider come up fast behind you and yell that he’s not in your class, be courteous and let him by when safe to do so. You may even point to the side it is safe to pass you on.


 The course is marked with mile markers to let you know where you are. If you encounter an injured rider, you do not have to sacrifice your race, but note the mile marker and tell the first official you see where the injured rider can be found. We will get help on the way. 


Once the checkered flag is thrown, our Sweep Crew will check the course to make sure all riders and machines are retrieved. If you are missing a rider, please notify the Finish Line scorer. If you break down, stay with your machine unless you are injured. Our crew cannot tow a machine without a rider to steer it.


Safety First: AWRCS Racing can be dangerous.


 Racers: Now that you have had an opportunity to inspect the racecourse and have heard the race procedures, if you feel that either you or your machine is not prepared, then now is the time for you to withdraw for a complete refund of your race fee – no questions asked. It is your responsibility to operate your machine in a safe manner, maintaining control at all times. Extreme caution is required when approaching areas with a high concentration of fans. Do not take unnecessary risks that endanger the safety of fans. You will be penalized for reckless racing.


 Fans: Due to the nature of AWRCS, there is no fence barrier around the racecourse. It is your responsibility to keep yourself and your children a safe distance from the racecourse. Never turn your back to oncoming racers. Use extreme caution when crossing the racecourse. And Remember…STAY OFF THE TRACK. 


Finally: Unauthorized pit vehicles are prohibited and may be confiscated. Absolutely NO pit vehicles permitted in the woods or on the racetrack. Crew members are prohibited from using Pit Vehicles during the race.


Have fun and be Safe!

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