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Behind The Bars With Ryan Alston

Ryan Alston finished 2nd in XC-2A and 25th Overall out of 320+ racers at Round 4 The Coal Miner. He currently leads his class in points and is 10th in overall points.

How's it going since the race?

Today was a pretty good day.  Worked all day and ended the night doing some bike work.  Can't ask for much more than that.

Looks like you had an awesome race going on Sunday. Take us through how it went.

The conditions were perfect Sunday so I was excited to race.  I got the holeshot and was able to lead the entire race until the last lap when I rounded my front sprocket, not allowing me to move anymore. Fortunately, only one other racer in my class made the lead lap so I was able to salvage a 2nd place finish.  Other than the mechanical failure I had a great day.

Did you have any issues in the bad mud-hole?

The mudhole got worse every lap so I tried to take a second to choose the best line and hope I made it.  I found my line and with horrible technique made it through.  Definitely a fun challenge that could really ruin your day if you'd get stuck.

What was your favorite part of the track?

I enjoyed almost all of the track.  I enjoy riding flowy singletrack and this course had lots of it. Conditions were a little slick so you had to be cautious in a few parts.  There were also plenty of long straightaways to really open it up on.

What was the most difficult part of this race?

The most difficult part was definitely no longer being able to move because of my ruined front sprocket.  Freak mechanical but that's part of racing so I can’t be too upset.

How much faster is the A-class than B-class? Do you feel like you are adapting well?

A and B classes are on two different levels.  In A class everyone is fast and you never really have any big gaps.  The 2A class this year has a lot of fast guys that are pushing each of us every race.  I feel that I am adapting well and having a lot of fun this year.

How does it feel to come up through the youth ranks at AWRCS and be racing at such a high level now?

Honestly, it's pretty cool.  From racing my first AWRCS race in 2013, winning the peewee championship in 2015, 3rd overall in youth in 2019, 2nd overall in 2020, and then winning 2B last year.  It has been neat to see the series grow to what it is now.  It's also pretty awesome to continue racing with many other competitors who I've grown up around.

Being a recent high school graduate, what has changed as far as racing/practicing is concerned?

As far as racing is concerned I plan to still race as long as I can.  It is such an awesome sport surrounded by great people who just make it better.  I definitely don't practice as much as I used to due to work but I still find time to ride a good bit. 

Who would you like to say thanks to?

I can't thank my parents enough for everything they do.  From getting me to races, helping me work on bikes, and being super supportive.  Both my siblings Taylor and Matt for cheering me on.  Matt has really been coming along so riding with him has been a blast.  All the guys from Five Star Cycle are such a huge help.  Wossner Pistons, P3 Carbon, Fly Racing, IMS, Leatt, FMF, Dunlop, MotionPro, ODI, Ogio, Engine ice, Mika Metals, Acerbis, ProTaper, The Winters Family, The Alcorn Family, and everyone else who cheers me on.

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